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On May 31, 2004, we shipped our black toy female Lucky, to Mexican handler Ramon D Ricardo Perez (Kennel Ricmart) who we met before at the World dog show in Milano, Italy. Lucky was sent to complete her championship in Mexico. We kept contact with Ramon D Ricardo Perez by email and he wrote us she was doing fine, and he would show her soon. At the end of December 2004, he wrote us he cannot train her and show. We requested to return our dog. He wrote to us, “he will”… In January 2015 he offered us to exchange our Lucky to his dog and pay him a difference $$$ because his dog was a champion. We refused this offer. We again requested the return of our dog. We tried to contact him lots of times, but he stopped answering emails. We tried to call him, at first someone told us he was not home and later he changed his phone #.
We were advised to contact Senator Craig Thomas for help. Office assistant contacted the Embassy of the USA in Mexico City, Mexico.
On April 28, 2005, we received a letter from Consul Ms. Mary Avery. According to it, Ms. Laura Zepeda, the Property Specialist in the office, spoke to Mr. Armando Armi Martinez, a trainer who was responsible for the dog. Mr. Martinez explained that in December 2004, he was working with the dog when she jumped from a first-floor balcony to the street below and ran away. By the time he went downstairs to the street, the dog was gone and could not be found. He placed ads around the neighborhood offering a reward, but none responded. He said that, even though he knows nothing will be enough to compensate for this loss, he is offering to send us another dog with the same characteristics (black, toy, pedigree, etc.). Mr. Armando Armi Martinez never contacted us.
Our attorney also contacted the Mexican Kennel Club, but they never responded. Ramon D Ricardo Perez and Armando Armi Martinez did not contact us to compensate our loss. We do not know the truth what happened to our dog. We received a few emails from people who also had problems with these thieves. Wish we knew their real faces before…
Ramon D Ricardo Perez and Armando Armi Martinez co-owners of kennel Ricmart, Mexico.