Alegros Prince Dexter of Keller
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March 19, 2014 Hello Alla, I wanted to let you know that we have some terrible news about our sweet Dexter. He was killed yesterday at a boarding facility here in Lubbock,TX, the Tipton Pet Hotel. We had moved to Lubbock a few months back. Anyway we dropped him off for boarding the night before at a facility we have used many times for our previous dog and several times for Dexter, to come to the DFW area to visit family, and received a call that he had been attacked by another dog in his kennel (indoor/outdoor with a doggie door) yesterday morning. They claim that the other dog chewed through the chain link fence and killed him in the night in the outdoor area of his own kennel, but claim they did not notice until they called me at 10:30 am. We are not sure of the circumstances because it does not sound right, but we cancelled our trip and came back to take Dexter's body to our vet here. She did not think his wounds and the condition of the body were consistent with the story we were given. We have had him sent to Amarillo to TVMDL for a necropsy, and doing what we can to have this investigated. We are completely devastated about this. For your records his date of birth was 1-28-2010. I did have them scan his body to be sure it was him and unfortunately it was. Thanks, Cindy Jones Tripton Pet Hotel Website Tripton Pet Hotel Facebook Necropsy report was received March 25, 2014 Necropsy Diagnosis: Massive Trauma and predator damage. The Jones Family adopted another puppy from us Casper’s World