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W/B/1 point, Judge: Ms. Shalisa D. Neely W/BW/BOV/2 points, Judge: Dr. Daniel W. Dowling W/BW/BOV/4 points major, Judge: Mr. Johnny R. Shoemaker W/BW/BOV/3 points major, Judge: Mrs. Polly Smith W/1 point, Judge: Ms. Gay Dunlap W/1 point, Judge: Mrs. Madeline Patterson W/BOV/2 points, Judge: Ms. Janet M. Allen W/4 points major, Judge: Mrs. Cindy Meyer
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PRA-PRCD - Normal, PRA-rcd4 – Clear/Normal, Hereditary Cataracts - Clear, Patellar Luxation - Normal,Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures (NEWS) - Normal, Von Willebrand Disease I (VWDI) - Clear, Patellar Luxation - Normal www.ofa.org