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Alegros Hopes N Dreams

Am Ch Alegros Hopes N Dreams - silver toy female



Show Record:


3/19/2010: BPYV,  judge: Ms Erika K Moureau, first weekend in the ring!

3/21/2010: 1/W/BW for 2 points, judge: Mrs Charlotte P Patterson

4/03/2010: 1/W/BW for 1 point, judge: Dr. Gerard Penta

4/22/2010: 1/W/BW for 1 point, judge: Ms. Joanne (Jan) N Paulk

5/08/2010: 1/W for 1 point, judge: Mr. Dennis McCoy

5/27/2010: 1/W/BW for 1 point, judge:Mrs Helen G Tomb-Taylor

6/20/2010: 1/W for 1 point, judge: Mrs Jane G Kay

7/03/2010: 1/W for 2 points, judge: Dr. Donald Sturz Jr

7/23/2010: 1/W for 2 points, judge: Dr. Lee Anthony Reasin

9/19/2010: 1/W/BW for 3 points major, judge: Ms. Sandra Goose Allen

10/30/2010: W/BW for 4 points major; judge: Ms. Peggy L Lloyd


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